Make the most of your home by making sure you are in a place that is right for you.

Think about:

  • what you will need and whether improvements or adaptions could make sure your home is suitable for you in future years
  • the different housing options if the time comes when you need to move to a home that would be better for you

Reasons you might consider a move could include:

  • moving to a home that makes it easier to live without others’ help:
    • a smaller home may be easier for you to manage and keep clean 
    • by giving you a space of your own
  • you have a home now that will be hard to change – for instance, if there are many steps, or a curved staircase
  • being closer to a community, shops and people you know
  • are in social housing and might be a priority for a home better for you in the future – for instance if you have more bedrooms than you need
  • own your home and would like more money available for your future care and support

You can find out:

Decide what home could be right for you in the future

If you are thinking about moving, find a home that will be right for you, now and in the future.

You can find out about:

If you are thinking about moving home

If you are interested in moving, explore your options by:

  • calling our customer service team on 01305 221000 to get advice around joining the housing register or downsizing
  • speaking with a local advisor at Citizens Advice Dorset. Call on 0800 144 8848 to discuss your options or to arrange a face to face appointment with an advisor 
  • contacting First Point Dorset on 0300 123 2550 or contact them online for specialist support in finding suitable long term housing  
  • a local advisor at Age UK can answer questions about getting changes to your home and getting care. Call on 01305 269444 or 01202 530530
  • if you have one, talk to a social worker about housing that could meet your needs
  • talking to professionals who can help you to ask the authorities about where you can live if you have a disability or are a carer (Dorset Advocacy)
  • talking to a team who can help you plan where to live in the future if you are becoming an adult and need care or support   

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