Class visits to a library

Our school programme is free and available throughout the school year. We offer several programmes, each session lasts for 60 minutes. They are:

  • introduction to your library - this session aims to introduce children to the library service and to discover the range of services available through their free membership
  • reading for pleasure - an opportunity to talk and learn about new books. Pupils will be encouraged to read for pleasure and discover a range of stock to suit all levels and interests
  • information skills - a brief introduction to the Dewey Decimal Classification System to enable pupils to search and locate materials for study and recreation

Librarians can also visit schools to:

  • provide a brief presentation on what the public library has to offer
  • promote reading programmes such as the Summer Reading Challenge

Arrange a class visit

Arrange for your class to visit a library, or for a librarian to come to your school.

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