Drama sets

Groups can borrow drama sets from Dorset libraries. There's a wide range of plays; from scripts of pantomimes and full length dramas to sketches and monologues, for both children and adults.

Information about drama sets:

  • a set consists of one copy for each character plus one for the producer; single copies may also be available
  • the drama sets are kept at Wareham library and people are welcome to visit to browse the collection during library opening hours
  • drama sets may be requested from your local library for the current request fee; if a requested drama set is not available, we can try to get it from elsewhere
  • groups can register for free at their local library to borrow or hire sets. One member will need to be responsible for borrowing and hiring sets, and must count and sign for them
  • sets are borrowed free for informal play readings; for a performance they are hired for a fixed fee for a longer period
  • there will be a charge if sets are returned late, incomplete or with damaged copies

See details of current library charges.

Vocal scores

You can borrow vocal scores from Dorset libraries.

Information about vocal scores:

  • to hire music sets you must register at your local library. It is free to join. The registration form requires one nominated member of your group to be responsible for the requesting and hiring of the sets
  • scores may be hired for special performances. We will try to obtain for you a complete orchestral work, or, if you require vocal scores for choirs then we will try to provide one copy of the work for each choir member. Your representative will be required to count and sign for them
  • music sets should be requested in advance at your local library. The more notice you can give improves the chances of us obtaining a set for you - ideally at least 3 months. We will always try to accommodate rehearsal and performance dates. You will be asked to give as many details as possible when requesting music, for example:
    • the publisher
    • the edition
    • the arrangement
    • the language of the text

We borrow music sets for you from other library authorities in the country. Check Bournemouth libraries to see what scores they hold; you'll have to join Bournemouth Libraries as a group to borrow from them directly.

Special occasions like Easter and Christmas are always busy times so make sure you book your vocal scores early.

See details of current library charges.

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