We have a dedicated conservation studio with specialist equipment and materials. Our trained Conservator is responsible for the conservation and preservation of the archival collections held here, to ensure they are accessible and protected for future generations.

We offer conservation services to external clients. From large organisations to small family collections, we can offer the following:

  • free advice
  • treatment proposals at £35 per hour if assessed at Dorset History Centre. Fee deducted from final charge if treatment carried out at Dorset History Centre.
  • conservation of books, paper and parchment documents, maps and wax seals from £60 per hour
  • collection condition survey at customer site including written report at £35 per hour including travel time, plus expenses
  • archival packaging and storage solutions
  • preparing documents for exhibitions
  • presentations and training

Find out more about how our Conservator cares for archives on the Dorset History Centre blog

For more information or for any conservation related queries please contact us:

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