Park home sites (also known as “Relevant Protected Sites”) are licensed by Dorset Council under the Caravan sites and Control of Development Act 1960 as amended by the Mobile Homes Act 2013.

To ensure certain standards are achieved, conditions may be placed on the licences which we think are appropriate, in addition we must take into account the set of model conditions that the Government has produced and may add some or all of these conditions. The model conditions relate to:

  • the density and spacing of park homes
  • roads, gateways, paths and hard standings
  • fire safety
  • storage of LPG cylinders
  • the electrical installation
  • the water supply, drainage and waste disposal facilities
  • car parking and site notices

The holder of the park home licence has a legal responsibility to comply with these conditions and it is normal for sites to be regularly inspected by the council to ensure that sites are not in breach.

Certain sites may be exempt from these requirements, for example if they are infrequently used or controlled by an exempted organisation such as the Caravan Club or are owned by Dorset Council.

If you are concerned whether a site complies with its conditions you should contact us. 

List of Licenced sites, site rules and fees policy 

See the register of licenced park home sites in Dorset.

See the Park Homes Fees Policy.

Park home fees - annual fees deficit/surplus

Financial year Number of site inspections Number of actions for all sites (letters, emails, telephone calls etc.) Estimated cost Income from annual fees Balance
2019/20 21 72 £7,732.67 £9,634.32 £1,901.65
2020/21 22 281 £12,588.48 £11,117 -£1,471.48
2021/22 10 84 £10,326.82 £11,524.50 £1,197.68
        Surplus £1,627.86


Inspections are calculated from estimated times shown in the Park Home Fees Policy

Actions, including:

  • letters
  • emails 
  • telephone calls 

based on estimate of 30 minutes per action.

Site rules

Councils are required to lodge all site rules that have been properly adopted by park home sites. Dorset Council does not have any enforcement powers to object or arbitrate on site rules that have been lodged. If you disagree or wish to challenge specific rules on your site you should seek legal advice, the Leasehold Advisory Service provides help and advice to residents about park rules.

The Register of licenced park home sites shows if a site has lodged a set of rules. Copies of individual site rules can be provided upon request. 

Fit and Proper Person Register

See the Fit and Proper Person Register

Apply to be added to the Fit and Proper Person Register

Download the application form to apply to be added to the Register. Once completed send your application form to us.

For existing sites, applications must be made by midnight on 30 September 2021.

Other applications

Site owners have 3 months to make an application if the circumstances relating to the nominated fit and proper person change in relation to an existing caravan site, for example:

  • If there is a transfer of a site licence

  • If there is a change in management of a site

  • If a person has been removed from the register by the local authority


The fee accompanying every application is £257

Yearly fee for existing entry on the Fit and Proper Persons register:

  • £0 standard conditions only
  • £57 for each additional specific condition
  • in the event the Local Authority appoint a site manager, all reasonable costs incurred in making the appointment will be recovered.

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