We are recruiting for new volunteers

Be part of the team that helps develop Dorset's public paths and green space to improve opportunities for:

  • recreation
  • public health
  • local planning
  • sustainable transport
  • local economy
  • disabled access
  • land management
  • tourism attractions

Who should apply to join the Dorset Local Access Forum

Applications are welcome from people of all ages to bring enthusiasm and experience if you are:

  • someone who enjoys walking, horse-riding, horse-carriage driving, cycling, 4X4 or other outdoor activities for recreation/health, and/or who uses the county's rights of way to travel sustainably around their local area
  • an owner, occupier and/or manager of land - especially with open access or Public Right of Way
  • someone involved with matters such as health, planning, tourism, disability, transport, the economy where improved paths and green space could bring additional public benefits

This could include people with experience in the following:

  • walking
  • dog walking
  • jogging, running, orienteering
  • horse riding or carriage driving
  • cycling or mountain biking
  • motorised or motor bike users
  • water based activities and sports
  • land owners, managers or farmers
  • forestry
  • conservation landscapes
  • tourism
  • health
  • sustainable transport
  • education
  • business or economy
  • planning and development
  • climate change
  • community and culture
  • diversity and equality; older, younger, people with disability, ethnic minority communities

Availability for the DLAF

You need to be available to attend 3 DLAF meetings a year, usually on Fridays in March, July and November. At times there is the need to attend additional forum meetings, site visits and working groups meetings.

Why apply to join the DLAF

Help shape the management and development of public rights of way, cycle & multi-user routes, public green space and open access land.

  • contribute to the debate - share your experience and expertise from your specific field
  • meet and work with others- listen to and share ideas with access related organisations to solve problems
  • be informed- receive regular local and National Access information updates and information relating to access law, policy, legislation, and how it can benefit social, economic and environmental issues
  • help make a difference- influence local and UK policy and advise on Dorset Council's access management strategy and policy

How to apply for the DLAF

Before you start you should read the cover letterperson specification and  information about the DLAF.

Whilst this is a volunteer post your application needs to demonstrate commitment and capability to effectively carry out the role of a member of the Dorset Local Access Forum.

Fill out an application form and return it to us by post or email or complete our online form.

Apply for a volunteer position with the Dorset Local Access Forum

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