If you find daily tasks hard, you can get help.

This might be something to help you do things yourself: equipment; technology or changes to your home. Or it might be care – from people you know, the community and professionals.

Take each step in this checklist. At step 4, we look at what can meet your needs so you can live independently.

1. Find out what simple changes can help you do things

If you find doing daily tasks hard, many things can help you look after yourself. Small changes at home, equipment and technology can help you cook or wash.

Find out how to make living at home easier, safer, and more comfortable. Or speak to our team on 01305 221 016 about what could help. It could be an extra stairs handrail or a rail to hold in the shower.

2. Get money that could be there for you to get care

If you need help with things like washing and dressing, you could qualify for a benefit. This money could get a professional to help you do things for a couple of hours a week.

Find out if you can get some financial help to get some care.

And find a carer to help for a couple of hours a week.

3. Make it easier for people you know to care for you

Someone you know like a friend, neighbour or family member might help you to do things. Your carer can get support and help to have breaks – and you can go out.

Check what financial help they can get and who could help you both.

4. Ask us to look at what care and support you need

If you made changes at home and get some support, you might still be struggling. If so, ask our team to carry out a care needs assessment.

There is a wait for this. And most people pay at least something for their care. So, if we find you qualify for care, we then work out exactly how much you pay towards care.

To get us to look at your care needs, call our team on 01305 221 016. Say what you have already tried.

If you are thinking about getting us to look at your care needs, get free advice on what happens from:

  • The Family Rights Group on 0808 801 0366
  • Independent Age on 0800 055 6112
  • Age UK on 0800 055 6112

5. Tell us about how you find daily tasks

We will talk to you about what things you can do for yourself, things you need help with and any support you have.

And we will advise you about any extra help you need in a support plan.

Find out what sorts of questions we will ask when we look at your care needs in this Which? guide.

6. What happens after we look at your care needs

If we find you do not qualify for care

We will still give you advice and information on how you could do things differently.

If we find you do qualify for care

You will get a copy of your support plan. This says what support you need to stay independent. It also says how much this may cost.

Next, we will need to look at evidence of your money and your costs. Find out how we work out what you will pay towards your care. 

7. Find out the ways you can get any extra care you need

You have different ways to find any extra care your support plan says is needed.

You could have more choice and make the money go further by employing a carer yourself.

If this might work for you, ask us about getting the money for your care as a direct payment. Find out about direct payments.