Festival of the Future

Celebrating the innovation taking place in Dorset

In 2020 we brought you our first FutureFest via the magic of the internet but this year we went one step further and broke new ground with a fully-fledged hybrid experience. Instead of sticking on our virtual backgrounds, we were travelling around Dorset showcasing and experiencing what Dorset’s digital future has to offer in person.

Catch up with Festival of the Future online

Festival of the Future took place in October, but you can catch up with all the sessions online. We had lots of fabulous speakers, all experts in their field, who spoke at some great and varied Dorset locations.

Each day had a different theme, so there is something to suit everyone as we look into the future.

Festival of the Future sessions  

How will learning change for our children in the digital age?  How is tourism reinventing itself? How could technology help improve wellbeing and independence? What does the future of agriculture look like and how can it support climate change?

Whatever your existing knowledge you'll learn more about Dorset and all the great innovation happening. There might also be some fun surprises as well!  

So watch it all on our playlist.