The air quality management area

An air quality management area (AQMA) was declared in Chideock along the A35 in May 2007. Road traffic emissions were causing the nitrogen dioxide annual mean objective, set by the government for the protection of health, to be exceeded at homes along this trunk road. Notably there is a steep incline on the road going west out of the village with houses immediately adjacent to this road. The further assessment of nitrogen dioxide in Chideock is the latest report on this pollutant.

The air quality action plan for Chideock

As a result of the declaration of the AQMA an air quality action plan was produced with stakeholders in December 2008. The document detailed specific actions that would be implemented within given timescales in an attempt to reduce annual mean nitrogen dioxide levels in pursuit of the annual mean objective concentration of 40µg/m3.

Progress on meeting actions detailed in the air quality action plan has been reviewed several times.

Air quality monitoring in Chideock

We operated one high resolution continuous analyser and a low resolution diffusion tube survey to monitor nitrogen dioxide. The monitoring programme was reviewed in January 2010 following a review of the action plan in November 2009. This report reviews monitoring previously undertaken as well as providing a map of the monitoring locations.

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