Important message for supply owners and users of private water supplies

Sampling is a means of validating that the risk mitigation measures in place such as source protection, treatment, storage etc. are effective.

In line with the guidance from the Drinking Water Inspectorate and World Health Organisation, we recommend that consumers and other relevant persons of private water supplies continue their operational checks and ensure that maintenance is being carried out as required. This will include replacing UV lamps; monitoring chlorine dose; making sure there are sufficient spares of essential equipment and ensuring supplies remain wholesome at all times. Actions must be documented and available for inspection should Dorset Council have concerns that there is an ongoing risk to health.

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Most properties within the Dorset area receive their water from a water company (mains supply), but some depend on smaller private water supplies.

Depending where you live, mains water is provided by either:

These companies must rigorously test the quality of their supplies to check that they comply with national standards. The results are publicly available - usually on their websites.


Water quality

If your complaint relates to the quality of a mains supply we recommend that you contact your supplying company initially. You can contact us if you are unhappy with their response.

Other complaints

For complaints such as billing and meter charging, please contact  OFWAT.

For complaints about rivers, seawater, reservoirs or other water courses please contact the  Environment Agency

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