As a result of this investigation report, several recommendations have been made for actions to be taken in specific locations. These are either as a result of initial site or desktop investigations, or the continuation of works or investigations already in progress. There are also a series of general actions recommended to be considered in all of the locations.

Table 1 Recommended Actions for Dorchester

Table 1 Recommended Actions for Dorchester
Action by Recommended action How
Dorchester Town Council Increase community resilience to flood events The EA (with support from DC as LLFA) to help assist the TC with the development of a community resilience plan
DC Highways Ensure efficient operation of highway drains and culverts Continue to review highway infrastructure and consider whether any other maintenance issues require regular attention. Specifically, junction of High East St. / Fordington High St. and Olga Rd. / Dagmar Rd
Property owners Consider installing Property Level Resilience (PLR) measures to affected properties Property owners to install PLR measures where necessary
DC Highways To explore improvements to the highway drainage network at junction of High East St. / in Fordington High Street LLFA to work with Highways to develop a feasible scheme to ensure proper drainage
Lead Local Flood Authority Further improve Flood Risk Management communications to increase flood reporting and improve community flood resilience Continue regular communications through social media, newsletters and targeted letters. Increase variation of platforms
Lead Local Flood Authority Review and monitor the delivery of recommendations within this flood investigation report Via the reporting officer
DC Highways Ensure regular maintenance of Manor Park School drainage system North of Weatherbury Way Develop and adopt a schedule for regular drain clearance
Wessex Water London Rd to Kings Rd 450mm dia surface water sewer. Carry out survey to ascertain adequacy and identify improvements
Wessex Water 28 Kings Road 225mm dia combined sewer Investigate sewer surcharge and identify improvements
Wessex Water Kings Road / Evie Place 450 and 460mm dia 2 X surface water sewers Establish a regular (bi-annually) maintenance programme for de-silting

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