A PTB is a sum of money paid to parents or carers of children who qualify for free school transport.

The sum of money is based on the:

  • distance from home to school or college
  • child's travel needs

A PTB lets families decide how their child gets to and from school. Parents and carers can make arrangements which suit their needs. 

You will get paid a sum of money each month. A PTB will not impact any other benefits you get.

What a PTB can pay for

You could use a PTB to:

  • buy a travel pass for public transport for you and your child
  • pay a carer to walk or cycle to school with your child
  • drive your child to school
  • arrange shared travel, such as car or taxi sharing with another family
  • overcome other barriers that may prevent you taking your child to school. Such as work or caring for other children
  • pay a travel buddy to help your child learn to use public transport

How long a PTB lasts

You will get a PTB for the time that your child stays in the school given in the application. The PTB agreement is renewed each year. We will only withdraw it if:

  • you move home and you no longer qualify
  • the travel arrangements you make are unsafe
  • your child leaves the school
  • your child's school attendance is low

Find out if you're eligible

Contact us to find out if you're eligible for a personal travel budget:

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