Reported rights of way problems are prioritised by the local Ranger team within the context of:

  • council statutory duties
  • public safety
  • popularity of route
The following timescales are inspection times only. The length of time to resolve reported problems will vary. 

Inspection times

Reports are prioritised high, medium or low.

Two working days for high priority problems including:

  • Accident/incident where serious injury has occurred 
  • Any matter that poses an immediate serious danger to the public
  • Electric fencing or barbed wire across or adjacent to a public bridleway or footpath such that it constitutes a hazard
  • Potentially dangerous bridge structure 
  • Dangerous animal on public right of way 
  • Repeated harassment and intimidating behaviour or notices (one week)

Four weeks for medium priority problems including:

  • Obstructions on popular route
  • Surface damage on bridleway
  • Surface damage on footpath

Up to six months for low priority problems including:

  • Encroachment/obstruction with reasonable alternative
  • New requests improvement works

Previously reported problems prioritised as 1-7 will be inspected according to the new priority system. 

Report a problem on a public right of way

Report a problem on a public right of way in the Dorset Council area.