The Dorset Local Access Forum (DLAF) has 14 independent members, find full details of the members and their interests.

2021 appointed independent members

Dorset Local Access Forum members 2021
Name  Interests 
Janet Davis Walking, environment, heritage, transport, and parish council involvement in rights of way.
Lee Hardy OBE Walking, cycling, water-based activities, coastal and sea
Jan Wardell Walking, health, rights & responsible use of the countryside, working with landowners.
Jim de Bertrand Walking, cycling, dog walking, running, landscape architect, landscape, health.
Carol Shoopman  Equestrian
Fiona Bowles  Equestrian, walking, dog walking, cycling and environment.
Joanna Gibb  Local access, walking
Richard Burke  Forestry, access, community engagement, recreation.
Andrew Gillett  Landowner, Public Rights of Way (PRoW) legalities.
Nicola Harper  Conservation, landscape, access, greenspace. 
Paul Tomlinson  Disability access matters, walking, urban cycling
Amanda Wallwork  Arts, culture, sustainable transport, tourism, heritage, environment, walking.
Donald Nutt  

Sustainable transport, urban PRoW network, health, walking, heritage, environment.

Chris Slade PRoW, Definitive Map legalities, walking, heritage


Local authority officers

  • Tara Hansford, DLAF Officer, Dorset Council
  • Philip Elias, PRoW officer, BCP Council
  • Luke Horton, Technical Support, Dorset Council

DLAF members can be contacted via Tara Hansford:

Dorset Local Access Forum Co-ordinator

Name: Tara Hansford
Name: Tara Hansford
Tel: 01305 221779
Full contact details

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