Fees are charged per Biodiversity Plan (BP) and Landscape & Ecological Management Plan (LEMP) submitted. Amendments* are charged at £35 per BP/LEMP

*An amendment refers to the updating of BPs/LEMPs requiring a re-issue of a Certificate of Approval within the three-year validity period of the certificate. New applications for the same site will attract the full fee as will BPs/LEMPs amended beyond the three-year period.
A small incremental increase in-line with the rate of inflation will be applied annually, rounded to the nearest pound.

Type of biodiversity application


Householder fees
Band Documents to be sent   Description Fee 
A Submit an ecology report(s) and BP


  • alterations/extensions to a single domestic residential property including a single flat/works within the boundary e.g. loft conversion, extension(s), insertion of rooflight(s), single barn conversion will be charged at the base fee
  • alterations/extensions to 2 domestic residential properties and 2 or more flats or 2 or more barn conversions/works within the same site included in the same (single) application will be charged at double the base fee
£87 base fee

Residential development

Residential development fees
Band Documents to be sent Description Fee 
B Submit an Ecological Impact
Assessment (EcIA) report
and BP
Applications with additional residential property to a maximum of 18 £87 for the first property and £35 per additional property (18 properties = £682)
C Submit an EcIA
report and BP
Applications for residential development between 19 and 49 properties £820
D Submit an EcIA and LEMP Applications for residential development for 50 or more properties £967
E Submit an EcIA report and BP Applications for a single block of flats/ apartments  £193 + £71 per additional block of flats up to a maximum cap £974


Commercial/business fees
Band Documents to be sent  Description Fee 
F Submit an EcIA report and BP

Includes farms and agricultural buildings, care homes, camp sites, industrial units, single wind turbines, solar applications on sites of less than 0.1ha

G Submit an EcIA report and LEMP

Solar farm applications on sites of 0.1ha or over


Dorset Natural Environment Team (DNET)

Name: Dr Annabel King
Name: Dr Annabel King
Email: annabel.king@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk
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