Strengthening works are to be carried out to Wall C, a 73-metre section of the Weymouth Harbour Wall. This is to extend the remaining life of the wall by a minimum of 20 years. These works are to begin on Tuesday 4 January and are currently programmed to run until the end of March 2022.

Weymouth harbour ‘wall C’ is a section of harbour quay on the southern side of the harbour, approximately 600 metres upstream of the harbour entrance (towards the Town Bridge). 45 metres of the 73 metre length will be strengthened and the physical boundary of the project area starts approximately where Nothe Parade meets Nelsons Wharf (west of slipway) and ends approximately 25 metres after the bridge over the slipway.

See the Location Plan for further details.

A number of activities are required in order to extend its remaining life and maintain safety for harbour users:

  • demolition of the jetty structure at Nelson Wharf
  • patching holes in the steel sheet pile wall and filling of voids behind
  • re-pointing of masonry blocks below the bridge
  • repairs to the concrete capping beam

Further updates on project progress and any changes to the programme will be communicated across news articles and our Facebook and Twitter channels.

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