We are actively engaged in coastal erosion matters, which currently include monitoring beach levels at Weymouth and Chesil, a coastal erosion study of the the beach and curved sea wall at Chesil Cove. All work conforms to the strategies in the Shoreline Management Plan, which sets out the polices of tackling the coastal erosion risks.

Weymouth Beach Management Plan

The Weymouth Beach Management Plan covers the southern part of Weymouth Bay, from the Pavilion Peninsula to the Greenhill Groyne; a total frontage length of approximately 2km. It sets out the flood and coastal erosion risk management activities required along this section of coast.

If you require the Weymouth Beach Management Plan document in another format, please contact us.

Beach monitoring 

Regular recording of beach levels is carried out at Chesil and Weymouth.

The monitoring is carried out for the us by Channel Coast Observatory under joint working with the Southern Coastal Group and the South Western Coastal Group respectively.

The Channel Coastal Observatory is the data management centre for the Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes and is hosted by New Forest District Council, in partnership with the University of Southampton and the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.

The programme provides a consistent regional approach to coastal process monitoring, providing information of the development of strategic shoreline management plans, coastal defence strategies and operational management of coastal protection and flood defence. The programme is managed on behalf of Coastal Groups and is funded by DEFRA, in partnership with the maritime Local Authorities and the Environment Agency Southwest Region.

Coastal Groups are made up of maritime councils working regionally together on coastal matters to facilitate coastal risk management. Portland Bill represents the administrative boundary between the South West and Southern Coastal Groups, and thus we are a member of both groups.

Weymouth Flood Defence Scheme

Dorset Council is developing a comprehensive flood defence and coastal erosion protection scheme for Weymouth Harbour & Esplanade that will reduce the risk of flooding to the town centre and surrounding areas.  An important step in this process was to develop a strategy for the long-term sustainable flood and coastal risk management (FCRM) of Weymouth Harbour and the Esplanade. The strategy was completed in September 2020.

The FCRM strategy document sets out the Council’s preferred strategic approach; bringing together the findings and recommendations from studies by both the Council and the Environment Agency. It should be noted that this strategy excludes river and surface water flood risk.

Our approach is to work on wall replacement and raising around both the Harbour and Esplanade. This will both reduce flood risk and replace deteriorating walls, some of which are already at the end of their design life. This approach gives us the opportunity to review a number of factors including rates of climate change, asset deterioration and changes in spatial planning needs and requirements.

View the Weymouth Harbour & Esplanade FCRM Strategy document.

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