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Results of the 2 May 2019 elections for the contested Weymouth Town Council areas

View the results of the 2 May 2019 elections for the contested Weymouth Town Council areas below:


Weymouth - Littlemoor
VotesCandidateDescription (if any)
 313 Louie James O'LEARY Conservative Party Candidate 
 446 Mark Richard TEWKESBURY (Elected) Labour 
 366 Ann Linda Rosina WEAVING (Elected) Labour 
 254 Clare Louise WILLIAMS  Conservative Party Candidate
Turnout (%): 28.5

Melcombe Regis

Weymouth - Melcombe Regis
VotesCandidateDescription (if any)
 220 Holly Grace BESSANT Liberal Democrat 
 359 James William FARQUHARSON Conservative Party Candidate
 284 Seb GREEN  Conservative Party Candidate
 205 Zac HILL-WALSH Labour
 130 Alvin HOPPER Liberal Democrat
 201 Paul Gordon MILKINS Conservative Party Candidate
 939 Jon ORRELL (Elected) Green Party
 412 Tia ROOS (Elected) Labour
 187 Thomas TAYLOR Labour
 463 Ken WHATLEY (Elected) Independent 
 280 Cherie WHITBY  Independent 
Turnout (%): 32.3


Weymouth - Preston
VotesCandidateDescription (if any)
 761 Jan BERGMAN (Elected) Conservative Party Candidate
 591 Michael Patrick BYATT  Conservative Party Candidate
 319 Mollie Joy COLLINS  Labour 
 778 Tony FERRARI (Elected) Conservative Party Candidate
 674 John Michael LILES   -
 803 David MANNINGS (Elected) Liberal Democrat
 601 Gillian PEARSON Liberal Democrat
 583 Robin VAUGHAN Liberal Democrat
Turnout (%): 49.7


Weymouth - Radipole
VotesCandidateDescription (if any)
 533 Peter Lawrence Fraser BARROW (Elected)  Liberal Democrat 
 289 Peter DICKENSON  Conservative Party Candidate
 536 David Michael GRAY (Elected) Liberal Democrat 
 239 Isabel Frances HOWELL  Conservative Party Candidate
 224 Siobhan LENNON-PATIENCE  Labour 
Turnout (%): 35.3

Upwey and Broadwey

Weymouth - Upwey and Broadwey
VotesCandidateDescription (if any)
 346 Kevin BROOKES (Elected) Conservative Party Candidate
 212 Debra KOHANA  Labour Party 
 380 Howard Richard LEGG (Elected) Liberal Democrat 
 300 Susana MALIK  Conservative Party Candidate
 344 Tim YOUNG  Liberal Democrat 
Turnout (%): 33.3

Westham East

Weymouth - Westham East
VotesCandidateDescription (if any)
 311 Alex FUHRMANN (Elected) Labour 
 254 David Joseph GREENHALF  Labour 
 436 Ryan Dean HOPE (Elected) Liberal Democrat 
 291 Nick IRELAND  Liberal Democrat 
 202 Tom TANNASSEE  Conservative Party Candidate
Turnout (%): 32.3

Westham North

Weymouth - Westham North
VotesCandidateDescription (if any)
 308 Luke Ashley EVANS  Conservative Party Candidate
 339 Sara Louise GREENHALF  Labour 
 784 David Best HARRIS (Elected) Liberal Democrat 
 416 Andy HUTCHINGS  Labour 
 688 Christine Mary JAMES (Elected) Liberal Democrat 
 620 Oz KANJI (Elected) Liberal Democrat
Turnout (%): 32.1

Westham West

Weymouth - Westham West
VotesCandidateDescription (if any)
 156 Val ASHENDEN  Labour 
 417 Trefor MORGAN (Elected) Liberal Democrat 
 196 Caroline Joyce NICKINSON  Conservative Party Candidate
 139 Grafton Alphonso STRAKER  Labour 
 540 Gill TAYLOR (Elected) Liberal Democrat 
Turnout (%): 30.3

Wey Valley

Weymouth - Wey Valley
VotesCandidateDescription (if any)
 392 John Twidale ELLIS  Conservative Party Candidate
 605 David James NORTHAM (Elected) Liberal Democrat 
 358 Cathy PAGE-NASH  Conservative Party Candidate
 218 Elaine Dorothy WALKER  Labour 
 467 Graham Stanley Ernest WINTER (Elected)  Liberal Democrat 
Turnout (%): 40.7

Weymouth East

Weymouth - Weymouth East
VotesCandidateDescription (if any)
 223 Michael James BEVAN  Conservative Party Candidate
 225 Mark DUXBURY  Labour 
 281 Janice Elizabeth FELTHAM  Conservative Party Candidate
 654 Graham LAMBERT (Elected) Green Party 
 446 Luke Michael WAKELING (Elected) Independent 
Turnout (%): 40.4

Weymouth West

Weymouth - Weymouth West
VotesCandidateDescription (if any)
 627 Michael FROST (Elected) Labour Party 
 703 Colin John HUCKLE (Elected) Labour Party 
 645 Richard Douglas NICKINSON (Elected) Conservative Party Candidate
 489 Curtis OTTAWAY  Conservative Party Candidate
 587 Antony PROWSE  Labour Party 
Turnout (%): 37.3

Wyke Regis

Weymouth - Wyke Regis
VotesCandidateDescription (if any)
 404 Alan COLLINS Conservative Party Candidate
 455 Joanna Mary DICKENSON Conservative Party Candidate
 563 Tim GRIFFITHS (Elected)  -
 720 Lucy HAMILTON (Elected) Labour 
 513 Reuben LAKE  Labour 
 918 Kate WHELLER (Elected) Labour 
Turnout (%): 35.8




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