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Results of the 2 May 2019 elections for the contested Dorchester Town Council areas

View the results of the 2 May 2019 elections for the contested Dorchester Town Council areas below: 

Dorchester East 

Dorchester - Dorchester East
VotesCandidateDescription (if any)
 265 Tallulah Claire CALLAN Labour Party
 355 Bridgett Elizabeth EAVIS Conservative Party Candidate
 900 Tim HARRIES (Elected) Liberal Democrats
 1061 Stella JONES (Elected) Liberal Democrats
 769 Fiona Elizabeth KENT-LEDGER (Elected) Liberal Democrats
 351 Carole Ann LANDON Conservative Party Candidate
 736 Tony LYALL (Elected) Liberal Democrats
 684 Rory MAJOR (Elected) Liberal Democrats
 479 Sian May Elizabeth Ann MERRIOTT Independent
 356 Claudia SORIN Labour Party
 328 Barry THOMPSON  Labour Party
Turnout (%):  38.42

Dorchester North 

Dorchester - Dorchester North
VotesCandidateDescription (if any)
 608 Sue BILES (Elected) Liberal Democrats
 696 Andy CANNING (Elected) Liberal Democrats 
 858 Alistair CHISHOLM (Elected) Independent 
 208 Jed GERMODO  Conservative Party Candidate 
 230 Ian Francois Bernard GOSLING  Conservative Party Candidate
 694 David TAYLOR (Elected) Liberal Democrats 
Turnout (%):  37.36

Dorchester Poundbury 

Dorchester - Dorchester Poundbury
VotesCandidateDescription (if any)
 559 Richard Martin BIGGS (Elected) Liberal Democrats 
 419 Vicki BLACK  Independent 
 121 Geoff FREEMAN Labour and Co-operative Party
 491 William GIBBONS Independent
 570 Frances Mary HOGWOOD (Elected) Liberal Democrats
 547 Susie HOSFORD (Elected) Liberal Democrats  
 665 David LEAPER (Elected) Liberal Democrats
 518 Peter Jonathon STEIN Conservative Party Candidate 
Turnout (%):  46.52

Dorchester South 

Dorchester - Dorchester South
VotesCandidateDescription (if any)
 258 Anthony James Kirkpatrick AUSTIN Conservative Party Candidate 
 716 Gareth Michael JONES (Elected) Liberal Democrats 
 304 Robert Weston Bertie MATTHEWS  Conservative Party Candidate
 791 Robin POTTER (Elected) Liberal Democrats 
 919 Molly RENNIE (Elected) Liberal Democrats
 172 Natasha Marie WOOD  Labour Party
Turnout (%):  47.51

Dorchester West

Dorchester - Dorchester West
VotesCandidateDescription (if any)
 658 Barry Haslam ARMSTRONG-MARSHALL (Elected) Liberal Democrats
 267 Tracee Lorraine COSSEY  Labour Party 
 283 Jules DAULBY  Labour Party
 410 Gerald DUKE Conservative Party Candidate
 836 Les FRY (Elected) Independent
 609 Len HEATH Liberal Democrats
 883 Janet Elizabeth HEWITT (Elected) Liberal Democrats  
 210 Janine MILLER  Labour Party 
 612 Ralph Jon RICARDO (Elected) Liberal Democrats
Turnout (%):  40.93


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