Area code 1E is for residents of Purbeck.

Set up or amend a Direct Debit payment

We recommend paying by Direct Debit because it saves on transaction processing costs and most people find it cheaper, easier and more convenient.

Before you start, you will need:

  • your Council Tax reference (found on the front of your bill)

  • your bank account number and sort code

We offer a choice of payment dates: the 1st or 16th day of each month.


Set up or amend a Direct Debit

By phone

You can set up or amend a Direct Debit securely over the phone during office hours. 

Call 01305 211970

Make a payment

You can make a single payment of Council Tax in several ways. Please pay online if you can - this speeds things up, saves public money and frees up time so we can support those who are unable to pay online.

Before you start, you will need:

  • your Council Tax reference (found on the front of your bill)

  • your debit or credit card details


Make a payment

By phone

Our Automated Telephone Payments line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call 0300 7900 545

You can also call us during office hours if you would like to speak to an operator.

Internet Banking or Standing Order

You can make arrangements with your bank or building society to set up regular payments to the council. You will need the following details:

  • Bank Sort Code: 60-07-01
  • Bank Account No: 47109254
  • Council Tax reference: Found on the front of your current bill

Request 12 monthly payments

To request making 12 monthly payments from April through to March, you must email us or write to us. You can't make this request over the phone.

Problems paying

If you're having problems paying your Council Tax, contact us and we'll do all we can to help.

You may be entitled to additional help - see if you can get Council Tax Support.

What happens if you don't pay

If you don’t pay your Council Tax on time you may receive a reminder notice. Continued failure to pay may result in further recovery action being taken.

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