Full Council Tax charges

This is the total charge from each organisation that your Council Tax funds.

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Download the full Council Tax charges in CSV format.

Parish council charges

This is how much your town or parish council charges you, depending on your Council Tax band.

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See a breakdown of gross expenditure, income and the budget requirement for town and parish councils with precepts over £140,000.

I don't know my band

You can search for your Council Tax band on the central government website.

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole

The Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council website has Council Tax information for residents in those parts of Dorset. 

What your Council Tax pays for

Your Council Tax funds a range of services from:

Charges breakdown for each organisation based on band

These are the charges before the addition of your town or parish council charge.

Charges breakdown for each organisation based on band
Organisation/Band Band A (£) Band B (£) Band C (£) Band D (£) Band E (£) Band F (£) Band G (£) Band H (£)
Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner 170.39 198.78 227.18 255.58 312.38 369.17 425.97 511.16
Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service 51.92 60.57 69.23 77.88 95.19 112.49 129.80 155.76
Dorset Council 1,062.72 1,239.84 1,416.96 1,594.08 1,948.32 2,302.56 2,656.80 3,188.16
Adult Social Care Precept 123.54 144.13 164.72 185.31 226.49 267.67 308.85 370.62
Total 1,408.57 1,643.32  1,878.09 2,112.85 2,582.38 3,051.89 3,521.42 4,225.70

Council Tax appeals

Find out how to challenge your Council Tax band.