Community and voluntary groups 

Tackling the climate and ecological emergency in Dorset is a mammoth task. We recognise that the council has a key role to play in facilitating this change but, if we are to make this a reality, organisations and individuals will all have to play their part and work together.

Below you can find handy tips and resources to help your community or voluntary group take action.

Calculate your community’s carbon footprint

Using the Impact community carbon calculator you can measure the carbon footprint of your community.

Impact is a digital visualisation tool developed by the Centre for Sustainable Energy that helps you understand your community’s carbon footprint. It also helps identify the areas where taking action to tackle climate change can make the biggest difference.

Rewild outdoor spaces

Do you have any outdoor spaces that could benefit from being ‘rewilded’?  From choosing insect-friendly plants for your pots, to building a pond, there are lots of things you can do in your community to create much-needed habitats for wildlife in Dorset.

Check out this guide to rewilding for useful hints and tips.

Plant trees

This is a great way to involve the whole community and help enhance the ecological value of your area. But remember, it’s always important to follow the "Right Tree, Right Place" principle when planting trees. 

We’ve worked with partners to put together a tree planting checklist to provide advice on selecting and planting trees.

Find out more information on funding your community wood.

Reduce the carbon footprint of your buildings

Do you have any community-owned or community-run buildings that could be adding to your community’s carbon footprint?

Carbon emissions from buildings can contribute significantly to climate change. Our Low Carbon Dorset team has created a step-by-step guide aimed at helping community groups understand what steps they can take to reduce emissions from their buildings. 

It also gives lots of advice on renewable energy and energy efficiency measures you could install, and real-life examples of communities who have already taken action.

Find out more information on the Low Carbon Dorset website.

Community energy

Find out more about community energy and opportunities in your area on the Community Energy England website.

Learn from others

If you’re looking for inspiration, we recommend checking out the case studies on the Low Carbon Dorset website. Here you can read all about the community and voluntary groups we’ve already helped to improve energy efficiency and install renewable energy.

For information on the wider community led sustainable activities taking place across the county visit the Sustainable Dorset website

Find out what support is available to help fund your climate action