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Joe decided A levels weren't for him...

I did a year of sixth form but it wasn't really for me, so after some research I found the BTEC Diploma in Music Technology at Weymouth College. It prepared me for some of the pitfalls of the music industry, how to deal with clients in a professional way and a particularly memorable lesson on tax returns (which is very important to me now as a self-employed person).

Joe's career journey

  • The Sir John Colfox Academy, Bridport
  • sixth form for one year, then left
  • BTEC Diploma in Music Tech at Weymouth College
  • degree in Art and Design at London College of Communication

What was your learning journey?

Our lecturers had years of industry experience themselves, which not only informed their teaching but also ensured they were understanding when it came to our own industry opportunities. I remember being encouraged to get out there and make it happen on a short tour with my band during term time, although I had to work hard to catch up when I got back!

After college I went on to do a degree in Sound Art and Design at the London College of Communication. This was a great chance for me to learn about the history of sound and flex my creative and conceptual muscles a bit more.

I worked at a record label for a while managing the distribution service which is selling records from other labels to record shops. I've been lucky enough to release music on a few notable labels and travel around Europe regularly playing records for people. As a composer I worked on adverts, television and films. This was anything from a new car commercial to fashion collections!

What are you doing now?

I'm now a music producer at MassiveMusic, a global music agency specialising in creating music for:

  • brands
  • advertising
  • television

I firmly believe that especially in creative industries, a motivated, passionate person that is always willing to learn and work relentlessly at their craft can succeed.

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