Dorset Youth Voice

Youth Voice is an umbrella term that involves a range of activities. These activities help us hear from children and young people (CYP). Our Youth Voice team work with children and young people across Dorset.

We are committed to enabling CYP to be heard, in a safe and inclusive space. This can be by a variety of means. The team takes all views seriously and acts upon them where appropriate.

They also make sure that the right decision makers work with CYP to do things in a different way. There is something 'in it' for every child and young person when they get involved. They will develop many skills, gain confidence and improve their social mobility.

Get involved

Sign up to Dorset Youth Voice if you'd like to take part in our activities and sessions. 

What's in it for you

Find out about the benefits to you

Join us and receive a welcome pack in the post after you have attended your first session. After being involved for 3 months, we will send you your Youth Voice hoody.

For Young Ambassadors aged 14 to 25, if you:

  • lead a training session
  • present the views of young people to decision makers at meetings
  • take part in an interview panel
  • write documents

You can get:

  • a voucher equivalent to £7 an hour if you are aged 14 to 17, and £10 per hour if you are aged 18 to 25
  • training opportunities
  • a reference for your CV
  • a chance to work with and influence decision makers

For Young Commissioners, the Care Leaver Council, the Children in Care Council, and the Youth Council, if you:

  • work with other young people and present feedback to decision makers to find solutions together
  • work on campaigns on your own, or as part of a group
  • co-produce with other young people and decision makers

You can get:

  • a free place at an activity for the group to celebrate your work
  • training opportunities
  • a certificate
  • a reference for your CV
  • a huge sense of achievement
  • a chance to work with and influence decision makers

For the Care Leaver Council, Children in Care Council, and the Youth council, if you:

  • share your voice digitally
  • take part in a survey

You can get entered into a quarterly prize draw for freebies.

You can also join in with the Dorset Award, which will recognise your commitment to change for young people in Dorset. 

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Young Ambassadors

Find out about Young Ambassadors

Young Ambassadors are trained to take part in interview panels, and to also deliver training to professionals. Young people who are involved with Dorset Youth Voice often become young ambassadors too.

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Young Commissioners

Find out more about what a Young Commissioner will learn

Young Commissioners will learn about how services for children and young people are developed, commissioned and delivered, and how co-production between young people and decision-makers works. They will influence, design and evaluate services for children and young people.

Dorset Youth Council

About the Dorset Youth Council

You have the opportunity to voice your opinion and help make a difference to young people's rights and responsibilities. You can make new friends and represent other young people from your area. This is your chance to talk to decision-makers about issues that are important to you, decisions such as:

  • the environment
  • public transport
  • things for young people to do

By getting involved in local community projects and helping to make informed and positive decisions, this also promotes a positive view of young people across Dorset.

Dorset Youth Council

Giving Dorset's young people a loud voice on decisions that affect them.

Youth councillors develop campaigns, projects and events to support other young people to have their #YouthVoice. Working closely with decision makers, they work to make Dorset a happier, kinder and safer place to live, study and work for everyone.

If you are aged between 11 and 18 and live, work or study in Dorset, we'd love for you to be part of our #YouthVoice team.

Make new friends, develop life skills, have a bunch of fun, and change your community for the better. 

Find out more about the British Youth Council.

There are 2 ways to join Dorset Youth Council:

See you at our next meeting.

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Dorset Youth Parliament

Information about the Dorset Youth Parliament

UK Youth Parliament is a programme run by the British Youth Council. They provide opportunities for 11 to 18 year olds to use their voice in creative ways to bring about social change.

Every year Dorset's young people elect:

  • 2 members of UK Youth Parliament (MYP)
  • 2 deputy members of Youth Parliament (DMYP)

These members represent Dorset nationally. They attend national events throughout the year including:

  • the UK Youth Parliament's annual sitting
  • the annual House of Commons debate

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The Network - for care experienced children and young people

Information on The Network

If a child or young person has been cared for by Dorset Council and they are aged between 5 and 25, we have spaces to hear their voices and to bring decision makers alongside them. This means we can work together on change for all care experienced young people.  

Find out about corporate parents.

The Dorset Promise.

Local Offer for care leavers.

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Takeover challenge

Find out about the takeover challenge

We hold a takeover challenge every year. Children and young people must be:

  • aged between 11 and 18, and either live or go to school in the Dorset Council area
  • be aged up to 25 for young people who have special educational needs and disabilities
  • care experienced and from Dorset

to take part.

In 2022, 39 children and young people took part from across Dorset and helped decision makers with their jobs. 

Find out more about the takeover challenge.

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Meet the Dorset Youth Voice team

Picture of Kaye
Kaye, our Youth Voice manager says:
  • I find the sound of the sea calming
  • I enjoy paddle boarding adventures
  • relationships are important in all that I do
Picture of Ann
Ann, our Youth Voice Officer says:
  • I am friendly and chatty
  • I love all my pets, I have so many different ones
  • I enjoy spending time in my garden
Picture of Hanna with a green budgie
Hanna, our Youth Voice Officer says:
  • I enjoy rock climbing
  • I love to be creative and make jewellery
  • my budgie Joey brings me joy
Picture of Shal in a sunflower field
Shal, our Youth Voice Officer says:
  • I am kind, caring and motivated
  • I have two cats and they help to cheer me up
  • I like swimming, skateboarding and watching cartoons on the tv
Picture of Mandy
Mandy, our Youth Voice Officer says:
  • I love being outside
  • I am a bit of a book worm
  • I have 14 guinea pigs, 2 cats, and a dog
Picture of Ember
Ember, our apprentice Youth Voice Officer says:
  • I love creating things, from painting to stitch work
  • I always listen to music throughout the day
  • I like a quiet space to chill during the day

Dorset Council Youth Voice

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