On your route, you may have either a driver who works for Dorset Travel and is managed by our team, or a driver who works for one of the many companies working with us.

All drivers working with Dorset Travel are expected to meet the following standards:

  • they will have passed our DBS checks
  • they have undertaken compulsory training in first aid and safeguarding
  • they will be polite and behave in a professional manner 
  • they will be aware of the challenges that can come with SEND transport and will act accordingly

Requesting the same driver

We cannot guarantee that the same driver will be used for each journey as this is often not possible due to sickness, leave or unforeseen circumstances. However, every driver working for us is expected to meet our standards.

Meeting the driver before transport starts

It is not part of our service for drivers to meet you before starting on the route. However, this may be reviewed in exceptional cases where it would be highly beneficial.

If you don’t think a driver is meeting our standards

We expect all of our drivers to meet our agreed standards. 

If you feel that a driver is not behaving appropriately, contact us with the route location and a written account of the incident you are referring to so that we can investigate accordingly.

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