Vision Support Service (VSS)

The Vision Support Service (VSS) work with children and young people, from birth to 25 years, with moderate to profound vision impairments. 

We are a team of specialist advisory teachers, also known as Qualified Teachers of the Vision Impaired (QTVI), habilitation and mobility specialists, keyboarding tutors and a technician

We work across both Dorset Council and BCP Council areas and can offer advice and support to children and young people, families, pre-schools, schools and colleges and multi-agency and other professionals 

You should get medical advice if you have any concerns about your child's vision. We cannot provide diagnosis.

Request a referral with the Vision Support Service

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Giving advice on exam accommodations and providing assessments for individualised level of support
Boy using Braillenote

Many students benefit from using assistive technology as this can remove barriers to learning
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Working with pre-school children at home and in educational settings
Young person using a walking cane

Helping children and young people with a vision impairment gain maximum independence
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Specialist VI curriculum
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Registration of sight impairment can give entitlement to concessions
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Charities, support groups, grants, braille, communication and sensory resources
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Training videos to help with everyday tasks

Summer Activity Day

The Hearing and Vision Support Service (HVSS) held an Activity Day in the summer term for children who are blind or have low vision and children who are deaf or have a hearing loss. The Activity Day was an opportunity to make new friends, gain social skills and develop a sense of belonging to a peer group.    

Equality and diversity 

The service make sure children and young people with hearing and/or vision impairments have every opportunity to enjoy life in their communities and have their needs met and respected. 

Principal Advisory Teacher (Vision Support Service)

Name: Christopher Marshall
Tel: 01305 224061
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