The Dorset Max card is for eligible children and young people, who are residents of the Dorset Council area. It entitles your child and one other person (such as you or a friend) to free or discounted access or benefits at a range of:

  • leisure activities
  • activity venues
  • shops and cafes
  • country parks
  • museums and galleries
  • organisations

Your Dorset Max card can be used by your child on their own, or with you or a friend or carer to get free or reduced entry (or other forms of discount) at lots of places. Some venues are outside Dorset.

Please note, there is also a national Max Card Scheme. This is separate to the Dorset Max card Scheme.

Who can have a Dorset Max card

There are 3 different groups of people who are eligible for the Dorset Max card:

Group A

All children and young people who are:

  • disabled, and
  • registered with The Xchange

This Dorset Max card lasts until your child reaches the age of 18 and remains registered with The Xchange.

Group B

Group B includes Dorset-based:

  • young carers
  • children in care
  • some care leavers

Group C

All children and young people who are part of the:

  • Ukraine Family Visa Scheme
  • Homes for Ukraine
  • UK Resettlement Programme

Get a Dorset Max card

If you successfully register your child with The Xchange you will automatically get a Dorset Max card in the post as soon as we've processed your application. 

Join The Xchange

Complete our application form to join The Xchange.

Where you can use your Dorset Max Card

Find venues and activities where you can use your Dorset Max Card:

Find venues that accept the Dorset Max Card

Find a list of all venues in Dorset that offer discounts if you have a Dorset Max Card. The number and range of organisations taking part in the scheme changes all the time.

Check with the venue before you go

We try to keep our list and discounts information up to date but venues can change their details from time to time. Sometimes they forget to tell us.

We suggest you check with the venue before visiting to make sure they're still part of the Dorset Max Card scheme and for details of the current discounts on offer.

Remember our list is always changing, so check back regularly to get updated information.

Your Dorset Max Card is for your child only

Do not lend your Dorset Max Card to anyone else. It is only valid for the child the card is registered to.

Venues are entitled to ask for other proof of identity before they give you any discount.

How you can help the Dorset Max Card scheme

The more venues signed up for the Dorset Max Card scheme, the better it is for you and your child.

If there's a venue where you'd like to use your Dorset Max Card but it's not on the list, let us know and we will do our best to encourage them to join. Or you can tell the venue manager you'd like them to sign up and get them to contact us.

You have problems using your Dorset Max Card

Sometimes staff at some venues are not aware of the Dorset Max Card scheme. For this reason we encourage all participating venues to display the membership stickers we send them.

If you visit a venue that is a member of the scheme but does not recognise your Dorset Max Card, or they're not displaying a sticker let us know so that we can contact them.

This is what parents say about the Dorset Max Card:


It's given my daughter more opportunities to do things.



It makes going out as a family more affordable.



Money is really tight and it helps us .. to afford to go to these places more than if we had to pay full price.



It has been great being able to take the children to more places we wouldn't normally be able to afford - and having lots to keep them busy in the holidays.



Having the Max Card has helped us get out and do things. It has allowed us to have some lovely times without having to spend so much which has also helped me as I am a single parent with very low income.


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