The Dorset Independent Visitor (IV) service is for children and young people in care who have little or no contact with their birth parents and who would benefit from having an independent adult in their life. 

The scheme allows young people the chance to spend time and build a relationship with an adult. The relationship is expected to be for at least 12 months, but is often longer. 

Independent Visitors are highly valued by the young people they befriend, as they're often the only person involved in their lives who isn't paid to be there. IVs will meet with the young person every month to:

  • take them out
  • try new activities
  • be a listening ear
  • sometimes help out with reviews

Who can ask for an Independent Visitor

The Independent Visitor service is for children and young people who:

  • are in the care of Dorset local authority
  • are up to 18 years old
  • are isolated 
  • have limited or no family contact
  • are aware that a referral is being made on their behalf

Make a referral for an Independent Visitor

We have commissioned Action for Children to recruit, train and support volunteers to be Independent Visitors in Dorset. This is a free service for children and young people who meet the criteria. Anyone can make a referral, including the young person themselves.

Text 07519 671686 to find out more about referring yourself. Someone from Action for Children will contact you. 

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