Placing local authorities (LAs)

If an LA intends to place a child or young person in Dorset (or has already placed a child in an emergency), the placing LA should notify us as soon as possible. We need to be aware of any risks or vulnerabilities for the child or the placement so that services in Dorset can respond effectively to any issues that arise. If you're unsure whether the placement is in Dorset,  find out which LA it's in:

Find your local council

Find the website for your local council.

Notify us by completing the looked after children notification form. Send your completed form to us at looked after children notifications. Once we get this form we will use it to update the register of children in care from other LAs.

It is important that any changes to the child's placement or circumstances should be sent to the same email address. We will contact the placing authority every 6 months to confirm that the information on our records is correct.

Residential homes and independent fostering providers

Information relating to children and young people that are placed in Dorset from other LAs in residential provision, residential school and independent fostering providers should be sent to the council. This information offers confirmation that we have been notified by the placing authority that the child is in our area.

Submit information to the council by emailing looked after children notifications.

You will receive confirmation by return email that this information has been received.

Requests for consultations

The assessment of appropriate and suitable location of a children's home

The registered person from the Dorset based residential provision or residential school should send a request to looked after children notifications.

We will respond with information regarding its awareness of any risks or concerns regarding the location of the provision and if necessary will identify how we mitigate against those identified risks or concerns. Make sure you're clear if you want specific information.

Making a 'Distant Placement' in Dorset

When an LA is placing a child in Dorset and where Dorset is a 'distant' authority (where the LA is not adjoining Dorset) you can request an 'assessment of appropriateness' by emailing looked after children notifications.

Consulting or contacting Dorset looked after children nurses

To contact the looked after children nurses, email looked after children notifications.

Contact the Dorset Council looked after notifications team

Looked after children (LAC) notifications

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More information about looked after children

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