The Safeguarding Adults Board has several subgroups, each chaired by a member of the board. The first two of these work across Bournemouth and Poole as well. These have been established to deliver on the board's work plan. 

Policy and Procedures Group

This subgroup has been established to ensure that local standards, policies and procedures are in place in relation to safeguarding adults in vulnerable situations. These will reflect national standards, regulations, guidance and case law and will apply to all statutory agencies across Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole. This group also ensures that the importance of safeguarding adults is included in other policy documents, such as domestic violence and safeguarding children.

Read the Policy and Procedures Sub-Group Terms of Reference.

Standards for essential safeguarding adults skills training

Training and Workforce Development Group

The aim of this subgroup is to ensure there is a skilled workforce to help protect adults at risk and that there is awareness across all organisations, including the independent and voluntary sectors about what constitutes safeguarding and what to do if abuse is suspected. The group develops the multi-agency training strategy and considers the training needs required to safeguard residents and commissions training to meet these needs. It has a responsibility for ensuring that there is a workforce that can suitably respond to performance and safeguarding concerns and that high professional standards of practice are developed and maintained.

Training and Workforce Development Group Training Strategy

Quality Assurance Group

This subgroup enables the board to oversee the performance and quality of its safeguarding activity across all areas of responsibility. It has been set up to develop a framework which ensures there are effective and accountable safeguarding adults quality performance indicators and monitoring systems in place. It produces regular reports to the board which ensures that a consistent approach and good quality of safeguarding provision is maintained across all partner organisations. It will also enable the board to consider trends in safeguarding activity and how to respond.

Read the Quality Assurance Sub-Group Terms of Reference.

Safeguarding Adult Review Group

In addition to the safeguarding working groups, there is also a Safeguarding Adult Review subgroup which works across Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole Safeguarding Adult Boards. A Safeguarding Adult Review is a process for all partner agencies to identify the lessons that can be learned from complex or serious Safeguarding Adults cases. The subgroup recommends changes to improve practice in the light of these lessons learnt.

The aim of the process is to learn lessons and make improvements. The process is based on national guidelines and has been agreed by all agencies who are members of Dorset Safeguarding Adults Board.

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