Digital connectivity plays a key role in both improving productivity and addressing environmental challenges. The roll out and utilisation of full fibre technology and 5G will enable people to travel less and access opportunities. The impact of COVID-19 has demonstrated the absolute necessity to have reliable, resilient and up-to-date digital infrastructure. This will support economic activity and provide community services. The infrastructure and ability to exploit its potential are essential to enable inclusive growth and prosperity. This will help realise the vision for clean economic growth.

What we will do

  • complete the Superfast programme by 2021
  • ubiquitous full fibre by 2028/2033
  • stimulate investment from private sector to create a Digital Place
  • trial 5G delivery in rural areas
  • support digital inclusion among residents and businesses
  • support the most vulnerable offline residents to access services remotely
  • develop digital skills across Dorset at scale
  • provide Digital Leadership across Dorset, including creating effective and informed partnerships

How we will do it

  • manage existing Openreach contracts
  • promote demand-led voucher schemes including the Rural Gigabit Connectivity Programme
  • support commercial full fibre delivery e.g. through asset re-use
  • work with BDUK and suppliers to develop an innovative Outside-in final 10% to 20% solution
  • deliver the 5G RuralDorset testbed and trial programme
  • deliver the Routes to inclusion programme and Digital Hotline
  • enable the offline population through targeted, supported distribution of hundreds of devices
  • upskill 1,000 frontline staff as embedded digital champions
  • explore the opportunity to create a Dorset Digital Skills Partnership and Digital Academy for Dorset including a fibre-training facility
  • build Dorset’s Digital Network
  • collaborate with local and national digital initiatives

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