Providing an extension and remodelling to increase capacity.

The project and background

In order to meet the rising demand for primary school places, as part of Dorset's Basic Need Programme, further capacity was required at Highcliffe St Mark Primary School.  A new two-storey extension of approximately 700 metres squared was provided with three classrooms, a food technology room, a studio, a learning resources room, toilets and storage areas.

There was also some remodelling of the former junior school building which included a single-storey extension to provide additional storage. A new canopy was also be installed at the main entrance.

The project started on site in December 2015 and was completed in the summer of 2016.

The design

The existing school site consists of two principal buildings. The former infant school was built in the late 1960s and is located in the south west of the school grounds. The former junior school, built in the 1950s and extended in 2004, is located in the east side of the site. Between the two buildings there is an open air swimming pool.

The location of the new two-storey building is to the north east of the former infant school building and to the west of the swimming pool. It is linked to the former infants school via a corridor between the main building and its boiler room. The two-storey building is of traditional in design with a steel frame, pitched roofs and tall windows making the maximum use of natural daylighting.

External works and landscape

Landscape and external works at Highcliffe St Mark Primary School included the:

  • creation of secure play areas around the perimeter of the new classroom extension
  • widening of the existing pedestrian access footway from Greenways into the main school entrance
  • widening of some pedestrian routes around the perimeter of the playing field
  • replacement of trees removed for the new building in a soft landscape space at the reception entrance.

In addition, the staff car park was improved by extending it to the north. The existing car park was be resurfaced and remarked to make better use of the space.

The design team and main constructor

The project at Highcliffe St Mark School was procured and project managed by Dorset Property.  The design team and main constructor were as follows: -

  • Client: The Asset Management Group for Cabinet, represented by the Director for Children's Services
  • Project manager: Dorset Property
  • Architect and lead designer: Dorset Property
  • Cost consultant: Dorset Property
  • Mechanical engineer: Henderson Green Ltd
  • Electrical engineer: Henderson Green Ltd
  • Landscape architect: Dorset Property
  • Structural engineer: Ridge Property Construction Consultants
  • CDM co-ordinator: Dorset Property
  • Clerk of works: Dorset Property
  • Main constructor: Stepnell Ltd
  • Acoustic consultant: Mach Acoustics
  • Drainage engineer: Such Salinger and Peters


Dorset Property

Name: Dorset Property
Tel: 01305 225200
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