Before I go to the library

The library is open at these times:

Monday          10am to 6:30pm
Tuesday          9.30am to 5pm
Wednesday    Closed
Thursday        9.30 to 6:30pm
Friday             9.30 to 1pm
Saturday         9.30 to 4pm
Sunday           Closed

This is our entrance.

If I am nervous about going, I can talk to the library staff and ask questions first.

I can call 01258 452075

I can ask the library staff for a tour of the library.

About the library

There are people who work at the library who I can talk to. I will know who they are by their badges.

The library is usually a quiet place where people talk quietly, relax and read books.

Sometimes it might be noisy.

If it is noisy, I can talk to a librarian. I can ask to borrow ear defenders.

How I become a member of the library

When I get to the library I will see a desk.

I will talk to one of the library staff there about how to become a member of the library.

I will complete a form. I will write my name, address, date of birth, telephone number and email address and sign it.

I will show them identification. This can be a driving licence, bank statement or household bill.

The library staff will give me a library card and a PIN.

When I visit the library

In the library there will be shelves of books and DVDs.

I can borrow a DVD and take it home with me. I will have to pay to borrow a DVD.

I can sit in a chair to read a book. I can borrow a book and take it home with me.

If I want to borrow a book or DVD, I will talk to a member of the library staff.

The staff will show me how to borrow the books or DVD and tell me when I need to bring it back to the library.

How I use the computer or do some printing

The library will also have some computers. There is no charge to use the computers, but I will have to pay for printing.

I can reserve a time to use a computer or I can wait for one to be available.

When I have finished, I will leave the library.