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Container charging - terms and conditions

Dorset Council offers optional extra bin capacity to Dorset residents, provided they meet certain criteria. These terms and conditions formalise the arrangement between Dorset Council and the customer in regards to charging for this extra capacity.

The Standard Service

1. The standard 'recycle for Dorset' Service Policy will apply.

2. Residual waste (or rubbish) is the waste that cannot be recycled or composted as part of the standard service. The standard service for residual waste will be fortnightly collection using a grey 140-litre wheeled bin with a grey lid. This will provide sufficient capacity for the majority of households provided appropriate use is made of the other containers supplied.

3. Containers are provided for use by the householder but remain the property of Dorset Council.

4. Properties unsuitable for wheeled bins will be supplied with a number of authorised sacks and containers dependent on the household occupancy.

5. Only containers/bins that have been supplied by Dorset Council will be emptied. If a resident decides they do not want to participate in the service they may decide not to use the service, but will be required to sign a service 'opt out' form. However, they would then be required to dispose of their own waste in a safe and suitable manner.

6. All wheeled bins must be presented with closed lids. Containers should be placed on the kerbside at the boundary/edge or curtilage of the property adjacent to the publicly maintained road, unless otherwise agreed by Dorset Council. Wheeled bins and containers must be clearly visible with no restrictions to access. No extra unauthorised bags, boxes or loose rubbish will be collected.

7. All containers must be presented for collection by 6am on the day of collection.  Where containers are presented correctly but have been genuinely missed, Dorset Council will return to empty them. Dorset Council will endeavour to return no more than three working days of being correctly notified by the householder.

Tailoring rubbish capacity

8. In certain circumstances, the standard rubbish bin will not provide sufficient capacity for a household's requirements and the household may be considered for additional capacity. Only households that meet the criteria of the Service Policy will be eligible for additional capacity.

9. The householder will be required to inform Dorset Council of any changes in circumstances that mean they no longer meet the requirements of the policy and are no longer entitled to additional capacity.

10. Regular reviews will be conducted to ensure that those who are granted additional capacity still require this and continue to meet the criteria.

11. If a new resident moves into a household with a non-standard residual bin, they will be entitled to the standard sized containers and must contact Dorset Council to arrange a swap.

Larger families

12. Families of five or more people can apply for a larger bin for rubbish. Dorset Council will only supply a larger bin for rubbish once satisfied that the household has made every reasonable effort to divert waste through using their recycling service, and that the household requirement for extra capacity is genuine.

13. Five or more permanent occupants in the household will be provided with a 240-litre rubbish bin.

14. Only households that are NOT eligible for additional residual capacity sacks (below) are able to apply for a larger rubbish bin.

15. Damaged bins will be replaced free of charge if the damage occurred during the collection process or due to antisocial behaviour through no fault of the householder. Where this occurs Dorset Council will replace the wheeled bin as soon as is reasonably practicable.

Children in Disposable Nappies

16. Dorset Council encourages the use of modern washable nappies (real nappies) as an alternative to disposables. However, some families with young children who use disposable nappies may have additional rubbish needs. As a result, Dorset Council will offer families with small children additional residual waste capacity (sacks).

17. Families with one or more children in disposable nappies under three years of age can apply to Dorset Council for additional residual waste capacity (sacks).

18. Only households that are NOT eligible for additional capacity for a larger family are able to apply for additional sacks for disposable nappies.

19. Each annual application for additional sacks due to disposable nappies will be subject to a payment of an administration and delivery charge.

20. Where applications are approved, Dorset Council will issue a pack of authorised sacks to the household. This equates to one additional waste sack per rubbish collection.

21. The purpose of the sack is to increase general rubbish capacity, not act as a receptacle just for used nappies. The householder may place other rubbish within the sack and place used nappies in the wheeled bin. The authorised sack may be presented beside the household's wheeled rubbish bin.

22. Applications for authorised sacks must be made on an annual basis. Only one application per household per year will be approved. It is the householders' responsibility to re-apply, reminders will not be sent. Re-applications will be accepted no earlier than 30 days before of expiry of the previous application.


23. Applications for new and redeveloped properties (full bin set), extra rubbish capacity for larger families and children in disposable nappies will be subject to payment of a charge to cover the administration and delivery costs. The cost of the additional capacity containers will be reviewed and set each year.

24. Payment will be taken at the time of a successful application. Accepted methods of payment are by valid debit or credit card (excluding American Express) only. Payments will be processed by a third-party (Dorset Council Waste Services' merchant bank - Worldpay).

25. The administration and delivery charge for new and redeveloped properties will be payable on the first application for containers.

26. An annual administration and delivery charge for additional residual sacks for children in disposable nappies will be applicable for 26 sacks.

27. Containers will be delivered within 30 days of a successful application. Confirmation of the latest delivery date will be given at the time of payment.

28. The charge is non-refundable once the containers have been delivered.  If your containers arrive damaged then these will be replaced at no extra cost.

Moving Home

29. Additional residual capacity containers are not transferable. Householders moving to a new property must leave their containers at the property they were delivered to and inform Dorset Council of their move. Containers must be left in a clean condition ready for the next occupant.

30. Dorset Council will arrange collection of the additional residual capacity wheeled bin (240-litre) from the property and delivery of the standard wheeled bin (140-litre). Unused sacks will not be collected.

31. Householders must re-apply for additional residual capacity containers at their new address if they remain eligible. The administration and delivery charge will apply. If the householder moves into a new property that already has a 240-litre bin, the charge will not apply.


32. Where a householder wishes to apply for non-standard arrangements for rubbish collections, they must make an application to Dorset Council. Decisions will be made in line with the above conditions in the first instance. Appeals against refused applications should be made in writing or online using our form. Appeals will be considered by a senior officer of minimum of Manager Level.

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