If you live in East Dorset or North Dorset

Decisions on Discretionary Housing Payments cannot be appealed to a Social Security Tribunal as they are not empowered to deal with them. Included within a Discretionary Housing Payment decision letter is an explanation of how to seek a reconsideration and/or appeal a decision. If you disagree with a Discretionary Housing Payment decision, you must write to us within one month of the date of the decision letter and include in your written correspondence the reason why you disagree.

The council has in place a procedure that allows decisions to be reconsidered where a customer requests a reconsideration. The review of the decision is carried out by other council officers who were not involved in the original decision.

The case will be reviewed taking account of all of the evidence held. The decision will be notified to the claimant in writing, setting out the reasons for the decision.

Any further 'appeal' will be to the partnership authority in which the claimant resides, using that authority's complaints procedure.

If you live in Purbeck, West Dorset or Weymouth and Portland

There is no legal right of appeal against a decision about a Discretionary Housing Payment but we feel that is unfair and so we have set up an informal procedure. If you disagree with the decision we have made you must contact us and tell us why you disagree with our decision.

A senior officer will then look at your application again and will either decide that the original decision was correct or will make a new decision. We will try to do this within 10 working days of receiving your appeal.

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