You can apply for regularisation - approval for work already carried out without consent. Only work carried out after 11 November 1985 can be approved in this way.

Help, we did not get permission for our building work

Help, we didn't get permission for our building work

How regularisation applications work:

  • regularisation applications can be used for any building type but applies only to any unauthorised works carried out on or after 11 November 1985
  • works carried out before 11 November 1985 cannot be dealt with
  • the works are inspected on site
  • in some cases areas may need to be opened up to confirm compliance to the building regulations that applied when it was originally done
  • the surveyor will write to you detailing what is required after the initial inspection in order to demonstrate compliance
  • once deposited the application is valid until complete
  • a regularisation certificate is issued upon a satisfactory conclusion of the works
  • a single fee is payable when the application is submitted and is shown on your fee quote
  • VAT is not payable for this service

Submit an application

If this is the sort of application you wish to make, continue to the next step, submit a fee quote request form.

If you are not sure, find out more about the other application types.

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