Step by step guidance notes for completing the Full plans, Building Notice or Regularisation online application.

Before completing an online application, submit a fee quote request form.

Please be aware that if you are applying for permission on a commercial site we will consult the Local Fire Authority prior to issuing a decision.

Selecting your District/Borough

From the drop down menu, please select district/borough where the works are located.

If you are in any doubt, visit the district/borough boundary interactive map.

Application Type

Read more about the type of applications, including information on Full plans, Building Notice or Regularisation

Applicant's details

This should be the owner of the property or site.

Agent's details

An agent acts on behalf of the owner (applicant) to obtain Building Regulation Approval.

If you are not using an agent, please continue to the next question.

If you are using an agent, please be aware all correspondence (except the inspection fee invoice and completion certificate) will go directly to the agent.

Location of the works

The location is the address to which the proposed works relate. In the case of a new build, this should be a description that locates the site or land for example a map reference or a description stating it is "land adjacent to" a known site.

Description of works

A brief description of the work, explaining what the proposal entails.

Structural engineer

Indicate if you have consulted a Structural Engineer and attach any structural calculations. These calculations may be sent to our Structural Engineer for appraisal. Please be aware, if the drawings and calculations are not clear and concise, it will take more time to process them which may incur additional fees. Find out more about appointing a Structural Engineer.

Works carried out

Indicate when works will start, if known. For a regularisation application, give the date the works were started (as accurately as possible).

If a planning application was made in relation to the project, include the reference number.

A building regulation application does not qualify as planning permission. Find out more about when you need planning permission.


Full plans application can be approved subject to conditions which can then be cleared at a later date and/or on site. Select yes or no to agree or disagree with having a conditional approval.

You can allow us either five weeks or with your agreement an extension to two months to carry out the plan check and issue a decision notice. Select yes or no to agree or disagree to a time extension.


If the proposed work is for the sole benefit of a disabled person you need to provide evidence or documentation.

The floor area includes all the storeys of an extension or new build. It is calculated by reference to the finished internal faces of the walls enclosing an area. If at any point there is no enclosing wall, it should be calculated by reference to the outermost edge of the floor.

The estimated cost for works should be as they would be charged by a builder even if you are proposing to undertake any or all of the work yourself.


Please tick to confirm that you have read and understood the conditions that you are agreeing to.

Regulation 25A

This is a new compulsory requirement within building regulations in response to an EU directive on the energy performance of buildings. It is a procedural change implemented to encourage awareness, within the design process, of the benefits of high-efficiency alternative energy systems.

Submitting a Regulation 25A form

This form is not submitted to Building Control. By completing the online form you will be sending yourself a copy of your submission. This is to be kept in your own records in case requested by Building Control.

More guidance

For more help, visit our "Advice and guidance on the Building Control process" page.

What next?

Find out what happens once you have submitted your application.

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