More information about fees and the scheme of charges.

Building Control fees

The Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010 require us to produce a scheme of charges to enable us to fully recover the costs of processing an application.

We are not permitted to deliberately make a surplus or a profit. The charges are reviewed at the end of each financial year to ensure that these principles are maintained.

The fee quote process

Our fees are based on the number of hours we calculate will be needed to process the application through to completion.

Every enquiry will receive a bespoke fee quote based on the information provided.

Normally, you will receive your quote within 48 hours and it is valid for 60 working days from the date of issue.

Extra costs

Your application may cost more than the quoted amount, if the time taken to assess for compliance is longer than the initial estimate.

Examples of works that may incur additional fees:

  • building works that consist of or include innovative or high risk construction techniques
  • works that are not carried out by an appropriately skilled person or company

What next?

Submit a fee quote request form or contact your local Building Control office for a quote.

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