This section provides technical support, guidance and advice that is offered by the Dorset Technical Committee (DTC).

Decking/raised patios and associated balustrading

Guidance for compliance with the Building Regulations when installing decking or raised patios

Technical statement

Any elevated decking, patio, balcony or similar area in or around a building which is used in connection with a building should be afforded with guarding to prevent persons falling from that area from a height of;
More than 600 mm - dwellings,
More than 380mm - other buildings.

The Requirements in Approved Documents A and K will apply to the design of the structure and protection respectively.

The requirements will apply to such areas in connection with new, extended or altered buildings.

Decking type structures within the site of a building but not used in connection with the building would not normally be within the scope of the Building Regulations. eg: raised decking in a garden remote from a building. In these cases designers are advised to use the Building Regulations as a minimum guide.

Each circumstance will need to be considered on its own merits and appropriate judgements made.

External rendering on timber stud walls

Compliance with Approved Document C when using a rendering system on external timber stud walls

Technical statement

External Rendering Systems used to form a weather resisting cladding should be constructed in accordance with BS EN 13914-1 and incorporate an open drained cavity. In areas where the cladding is likely to be subjected to high exposure to wind driven rain this method should be adopted.

BS EN 13914-1

Design, preparation and application of external rendering and internal plastering.

Stairlifts - installation in existing staircases

Does the installation of a stairlift in an existing stairwell require Building Regulation Approval?

Technical statement

The provision of a stairlift within an existing building or new building will be assessed using the guidance of the building regulations to establish the principles of compliance with the relevant requirements of Part B1, K1 and M.

In order to consider if Building Regulation 3 (Meaning of Building Work) has been satisfied, a Building Regulation application should be submitted. Regulation 3 2(a) advises an 'alteration is material if the work, or any part of it, would at any stage result in the work not complying or, where currently not complying being more unsatisfactory'.

Thatched buildings - The Dorset Model

Read about The Dorset Model for advice about the requirements for the extension or construction of new buildings with thatched roofs that are within 12m of a boundary.

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