From the 1 December 2021 we have adopted the Institute of Licensing "Safe and Suitable" as the criminal record policy for the whole of the Dorset Council area, which has recently been out to consultation.

In Dorset, Trading Standards are responsible for making sure sites where petrol is delivered, stored and dispensed are safe.

We must be sure that you have taken precautions to reduce risks and that the petroleum is being stored correctly.

If you want to store petroleum you must apply for a Petroleum Storage Certificate.

Apply for a Petroleum Storage Certificate

Complete the application for a Petroleum Storage Certificate and return it to us.

Certificate cost

It depends how much petroleum you will be storing. You can choose how long a storage certificate will be valid for, between 1 and 10 years and pay for that time period.

For an up to date list of fees please see the current Trading Standards fees.