Dorset Council’s Rights of Way Team is trialling a new prioritisation scheme for rights of way problems. 

Reported rights of way problems are given a priority of 1 to 7 based on a number of factors including but not confined to:

  • council statutory duties
  • public safety
  • popularity of route

The priority categories are as follows:

  • priority 1 - first inspection within 1 working day
  • priority 2 - first inspection within 1 week
  • priority 3 - first inspection within 2 weeks
  • priority 4 - first inspection within 8 weeks
  • priority 5 - first inspection within 6 months
  • priority 6 - first inspection within 12 months
  • priority 7 - first inspection when resources permit

Please note that:

  • a report may be re-prioritised after initial inspection or after additional information is obtained about problem
  • priorities are guidelines and a report may be given a higher or lower priority at the officer's discretion
  • target response time may be adjusted following the scheme trials and will vary according to officer availability and operational constraints
  • inspection is not always necessary and some issues may be resolved over the phone