Race and ethnicity

Information and consultation

This is Our Home Too is a report which details the findings of a number of focus groups held in West Dorset by the South West Dorset Multi Cultural network, and Dorset Race Equality Council, in which they examine the experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic People living in West Dorset.

Lifestyles and Attitudes of residents from other countries is a report from our neighbouring authority of South Somerset on the experiences of migrant workers. Dorset also has migrant workers from the accession states, who may share similar experiences.

Gypsies and Travellers

Gypsy Traveller report May 2010 is a study of gypsy/traveller health needs.

Poorer health status and lower than average life expectancy among travellers is an important inequalities issue, and one that should be addressed. Its importance in the Kent area was clear from the many interested parties and wide-ranging views expressed by participants at a meeting on 'Travellers' access to GPs: Kent & E Sussex' hosted by the Kent County Council Gypsy and Traveller Unit in March 2009. Dorset has a large gypsy and traveller population, who may experience similar issues to those in Kent.

Gypsy Traveller fact sheet is a myth busting fact sheet, written by the South West Alliance of Nomads, commissioned Dorset Equality Partnership.

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Race and ethnicity reports

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