The Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP) offers priority relocation to the UK for any current or former locally employed staff who supported British efforts in Afghanistan and are assessed to be under serious threat to life. To read more about this scheme, please see Home Office Afghan Relocation Scheme

Dorset Council’s response

Dorset Council has agreed to take part in the ARAP scheme, with numbers to be determined pending the availability of suitable housing and support services.

In August 2021 we issued an appeal urging private landlords and owners of second homes to come forward if they can provide suitable accommodation for the scheme.

We are receiving hundreds of queries and offers relating to the crisis in Afghanistan and we are so grateful for the kindness and concern shown by so many people across Dorset. Please bear with us while we respond to these and coordinate our efforts to help the families who have arrived in the UK. Our overriding priority is to secure suitable accommodation, in line with Home Office guidance.

The Home Office is providing temporary accommodation for these families until suitable homes can be found in the local areas. At this stage, we are not seeking volunteers or donations and we cannot accept rooms, temporary or shared housing due to government requirements and the families’ needs.

If you are a private landlord or own a second home and may be able to help with any of our housing needs, please contact

The UK Government has also proposed a new resettlement route for Afghan refugees to help those most in need, including women, girls and children who will be prioritised given their particular vulnerability. We are waiting for further detail about this scheme.

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