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Our Digital Vision - Key statistics

Online Services – 2019 figures

  • 230,000 visitors to the council website average per month, 55% by mobile device
  • Contact centre handled 330,000 enquiries over the last 12 months
    • 250,000 telephony
    • 32,800 emails
    • 20,500 face to face
    • 16,900 social media
    • 9,800 webchats
  • 70% of contact for services available in the contact centre is completed online

Digital skills – as at June 2020

  • 175 employee digital champions
  • Staff confidence in using MS Teams average 78%
  • Feb 2020 team’s usage = 900 active users, June 2020 = 3400 active users
  • 75 digital champions in the community
  • 35,000 people completely offline in Dorset Council area (11%)
  • 64,000 lacking all the essential digital skills in Dorset Council area (20%)
  • This equates to around 31% of Dorset residents that may be digitally excluded in someway


  • 96% of premises across Dorset with access to superfast broadband
  • 6.6% of premises across Dorset Council contracts with access to gigabit capable broadband
  • 42.6% of A and B roads in Dorset have acceptable signal on all the 2G mobile networks
  • less than 66% of premises have 4G coverage from all 4 major mobile operators

Council infrastructure

  • 5,839 Dorset Council network users
  • 4,377 Dorset Council devices (laptop or PC)
  • 1,700 mobile devices (smartphone or tablet)
  • 239 network connects into sites as part of the council network
  • £2m employee travel costs

Dorset Council Residents Survey 2019

  • 14% of residents identified improving digital connectivity as mattering most
  • 62% of residents use social media platforms, with Facebook ranking highest
  • 49% of residents prefer to access council information through the website, 25% through a Google search

Dorset Council Residents Survey 2020

  • 94% of respondents use the internet. However as 70% of surveys were completed online, the actual proportion of Dorset residents who do not use the internet may be higher than 6%. Of the respondents who completed the survey as a telephone interview, 18% do not use the internet.
  • The most common reason for not using the internet was not being interested, with 72% giving this reason. 22% were prevented from using the internet due to not having equipment and 16% due to lack of skill.
  • Of the respondents who use the internet, 88% have a smartphone or mobile phone that connects to the internet. 76% have a laptop and 69% have a tablet or an iPad.

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