Over the last 12 months we have had 2.76m people use the council website, with the contact centre handling 330,000 enquiries.  We have a range of online services available for people to self-serve 24/7, from quite simple contact forms through to complex end to end services that are automated as much as possible. The top 10 online services have an average usage of 70%, reducing demand on services and the contact centre.

We want to be a strong, customer-led and delivery focussed council, making best use of our resources, our people, and ever mindful that we must do better with less to protect the public purse.  We want people and communities to be able to help themselves, maintaining independence.

We need to be an organisation who delivers the services that our customers want and need, irrespective of any challenges we may face now and in the future. Our emerging customer delivery model supported by our Customer Promise will detail how we do this.

We will:

  • challenge ourselves to deliver services differently, with Councillors as ambassadors for change, supporting our ambition for transformation. We will work in multi-disciplinary, agile teams to design end to end services based on data and user research to understand customer’s needs acting as #onecouncil
  • develop our customer engagement strategy to include those not online, target our communication messages using data and knowledge of our customers, and nudge behaviour change to encourage greater use of online channels
  • move our existing websites and portals onto the new customer platform to improve accessibility and a more consistent and personalised experience, providing a single access point online for customers to deal with the council and track progress of service interactions
  • continue to adopt standards to provide service directories and good information and advice working with the voluntary sector.  Encourage the use of accredited self-enabled care apps through our work with ORCHA, supporting people to help themselves
  • consider how we can use technology to build on the strength and assets in communities and neighbourhoods to connect and support each other, learning from our work during COVID-19
  • demonstrate how new technology can enable business growth and new service delivery models through pilots in, but not limited to, aquaculture, increasing visitors to sensitive coastal areas, connected care homes and ambulances

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