COVID-19 has demonstrated the benefits of agile governance and that services focused on the needs of our customer lead to increased customer satisfaction and a workforce that is proud to work for the council.  It has shown that we can be innovative, outcome focused and deliver at pace.

Establishing the right culture and leadership is fundamental to delivering our digital vision and enabling the organisation to innovate.  We need to embed our council values and behaviours to enable this, we will:

  • continue to take a design-led and agile approach, embedding it at the heart of our transformation approach and service improvement work.  This will help us to deal with uncertainty and constant change, stimulate innovation and continuous improvement, and empower people to fail fast, learn and move on. We will adopt the following principles, to:
    • work as multi-disciplinary teams
    • start with user needs and discovery
    • identify worthwhile problems to unlock greater impact and savings
    • allow time to explore the art of possible
    • build on local capability & strength
    • think big, start small
    • backup hypothesis with evidence and insights
    • work in the open
  • develop campaigns and challenges to encourage and nurture employee’s ideas and creativity, provide the support they need and help share learning.   This will inspire people about how others are delivering services very differently to encourage cross-fertilisation of ideas
  • work with partners across the Health and Care system to identify gaps in our current Digital Offer making sure we focus on real-life problems and support innovation. This will take the form of a ‘Living Lab’ approach being led by the CCG and will see academia and developers working on the things that matter to the people that need support. Working in this way will create the environment necessary to truly collaborate
  • integrate digital aspects into the Leadership and Management development programmes that are being developed. This will enable managers to model behaviours, practice virtual leadership and have confidence to experiment and lead on digital across the wider system of Dorset
  • talk about our work on Yammer, the intranet and through our external Digital Dorset brand.  Share our learning of what’s worked and what’s not, open show & shares virtually, and increase our blogging
  • continue to nurture the digital network and actively develop and support relationships with digital leaders, businesses and investors to understand and promote culture change
  • make the most of national funding opportunities to enable investment and innovation in Digital in Dorset

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