This is an ambitious vision. The response to COVID-19 has shown that when we work as #oneteam and deliver services around the needs of our users, we achieve increased customer satisfaction, improved staff morale and pride in the council.  We need to make sure we retain this and build on it.

To deliver the vision, digital activity will be governed either by the Senior Leadership team or the digital place project board to make sure it has the leadership it needs to drive it forward at pace. 

We will develop a single prioritised pipeline of work across the organisation to ensure the right resources are focused on the right work.  We will adopt a design-led and agile approach to enable us to deliver incrementally, respond to change and focus on people’s needs.

This is the moment for us to exploit digital to drive opportunity across Dorset.

Measuring success


  1. increase in percentage of premises within Dorset Council contracts that can access gigabit-capable (full fibre) broadband
  2. increase in percentage of premises with Dorset Council contracts that can access superfast broadband services
  3. increase in percentage of A&B roads in Dorset have acceptable signal on all the 2G mobile networks
  4. reduction in the number of people who are digital excluded in Dorset
  5. increase in confidence of workforce using O365/MS Teams
  6. increase in the adoption of O365 & Teams across the workforce improving productivity
  7. increase in the use of online services by residents and businesses reducing demand over the phone and face to face
  8. reduced paper usage and postal costs, helping to meet the council’s climate commitments


  1. Increased customer satisfaction through improved experience
  2. Increased staff satisfaction better experience and use of technology 

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