The word digital is understood and interpreted in lots of ways.  We use this definition in the public sector to describe what we mean by digital: 

Digital means applying the culture, processes, business models & technologies of the internet era to respond to people’s raised expectations​

Tom Loosemore​ – Co-founder of the Government Digital Service 

Our new behaviours framework and people strategy will help to create an enabling culture for digital and makes clear digital skills are for all. 

A truly digital council will be more connected and integrated, using digital to reimagine service delivery that is user-centric and meets users’ needs – with citizens, communities and businesses reaping the benefits

Council of the Future: A digital guide for councillors – Tech UK 2018 

We see digital as not being about technology but what we do with it, led by user-centred design, to make a difference to people’s lives.    

Digital is about moving away from silo working to working together with a focus on people and their needs. It is about working in an open way, sharing data, information and knowledge.  It is about developing new skills and delivering new customer experiences and reducing our impact on the environment when designing and delivering services. 

The vision supports our council values: 

  • we are an advocate for Dorset on a local, national and global stage 
  • we work together with our communities and our partners to make things happen 
  • we put people first and design services around their needs now and in future 
  • we are open, accessible and accountable 
  • we use time and money wisely 
  • we value people and build on their strengths 

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