Blue Badge holders - parking survey

The car park offer to Blue Badge holders is different depending where you live or park within the Dorset Council area.

The current offer varies between the requirement to pay full car park charges in some areas, to free if you receive certain benefit allowances in others, with a few different offers in-between!

The council's objective is to have one parking offer for Blue Badge holders across the Dorset Council area that is easy to understand and consistent.

View the full details of the existing offer.

The purpose of a Blue Badge is to give assistance to those that have mobility issues and need to park closer to their destination. More detail about the Blue Badge scheme can be found on the Government's Blue Badge webpage.

This consultation will close at midnight on Sunday 26 September, 2021.

No decision has yet been made. Your responses will be used the shape the proposal for the Dorset Council Blue Badge Car Park charging offer. The final decision on the new council policy will be decided by elected members in autumn 2021.

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This survey closed on Sep 26, 2021. Thank you for your views.


Name: Parking Services
Phone: 01305 838236

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