We will deliver sustainable economic growth, increasing productivity and the number of high quality jobs in Dorset, creating great places to live, work and visit.

What we will do:

  • promote Dorset as a place to do business and attract inward investment
  • support the growth of new and existing businesses, and in turn support job creation
  • improve the provision and use of sustainable transport and digital connectivity
  • enhance people’s aspirations and skills to improve social mobility
  • support growth in Dorset’s low carbon economy and skills

How we will do it:

  • adopt a Local Industrial Strategy and Economic Growth Strategy in 2020, and a new Local Plan by 2024
  • drive the roll out of full fibre technology and 5G in Dorset to enable people to travel less and access opportunities online
  • improve rail services, public transport and reliability of journey times by working with providers, lobbying Government and focussing on schemes to ease congestion
  • enable growth of good quality jobs at Dorset Innovation Park, our designated Enterprise Zone
  • support growth in key sectors, including advanced engineering/manufacturing, agritech, maritime commercial opportunities, aquaculture, tourism and the care sector
  • work with schools, colleges, universities and businesses to raise career aspirations and improve skills
  • stimulate local business opportunities, innovation and skills development through council procurement of goods and services
  • promote apprenticeships to develop the council’s own workforce, and work with partners to improve the creation and take-up of apprenticeships across Dorset
  • support businesses and other organisations to reduce their carbon footprint

Who we will work with:

  • Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership
  • Dorset Local Nature Partnership
  • schools, colleges, and universities
  • local business community
  • government departments
  • investors and developers
  • business support networks, including Chambers of Commerce
  • town and parish councils
  • digital infrastructure providers

Economic growthEconomic growth infographic

Number of employees per business

  • Dorset - 7.3 employees
  • England - 9.5 employees

Average weekly earnings

  • Dorset - £523 a week
  • England - £571 a week

Workforce aged 50+

  • Dorset – 36%
  • England – 28%

Value produced for every hour worked

  • Dorset - £26.70
  • UK - £33.70

This gives a productivity gap of £1.7 billion

New businesses

  • Dorset – 72 per 10,000 working age people
  • England – 97 per 10,000 working age people

The rate of creation of new business is below the national average and has changed little in the last 4 years.

Superfast broadband coverage

  • Dorset – 95%
  • England – 96%

By 2029…

In the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership Area:

  • 150,000 people will retire
  • 23,000 new jobs will be created
  • Leaving 173,000 jobs to be filled

Of these jobs:

  • 80% require GCSE level of above
  • 60% requite BTEC/A-Level or above

Data underlying the infographics is provided by the Research Team. For more information contact research@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk. Dorset refers to the new Dorset Council Area that came into effect 1 April 2019, unless otherwise indicated. Poster produced: September 2019.

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